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Smoke & Mirrors corporate events

entertainment to die for

Our corporate murder mysteries are the best in the business. They’re excellent for team-building, as well as being the perfect way to end a day of meetings and networking. They also provide a great environment in which to talk business, or an opportunity to simply relax and enjoy the entertainment. Our recent clients include: MicrosoftMcDonald’sFitPro, The Royal Institute of Chartered SurveyorsDanoneRare RecruitmentRAF Benson, Royal College of Music, Sky Academy, MediaLab, Psycle, Lambourn Equine Vets, 3 Sided CubeApplied Change, Bragagnini AssociatesMWH Global, Pristine Condition, Board Intelligence, Sony, and The National Trust.

All our corporate packages are tailor-made to your requirements, and we offer complete flexibility. Events can be run as competitions, as a well-earned reward for hardworking staff, as hospitality for existing and potential clients, and so on. All our formats are great fun, and naturally encourage delegates to break the ice, chat, and share ideas.

Ancestral Vices is perfect for groups of about 10-20 guests: you and your colleagues get to play the starring roles, and the script is always adapted to suit the occasion. For parties of up to about 150, just browse the rest of our plots and see what catches your eye.

Four-actor events will work perfectly for anywhere between about 20 and 80 guests; five-actor events would be ideal for about 50-120 guests; and six-actor events would be the way to go for about 80 and 150 guests. But these are guidelines rather than strict limits, so just let us know what appeals, and we’ll do the rest.

Please call Alex on 07775 797859 or email if you have any questions or would like to discuss a booking. For an outline of a typical evening event, please click here. And click here for an example of one of our more riotous corporate outings.

The Sky Academy at New Hall Hotel & Spa